About Us 

   About Project: Sounds of Liberty :

   Were a eletronic group, founded in August 2001. Shiryu came up with the idea of forming a group, enviting Juventud Guerrera, Raziel and at a later time, Norritt. We were all already amateur "solo" musicians, each having an individual page at MP3.com. In comoon, beside friendship, was the love for electronic music. Having little more then our PCs, software and shortage of time, we were willing not only to evolve as a group, but also to show IT IS possible to be more than just music fans. As a bonus, we also add a litte something to the portuguese comunnity in MP3.Com. The future is ours for the taking, we will make our dreams of it. Our songs are our legacy. We hope you like them.

   Find us on #mp3.com , on any PTNet IRC server.

   Download and/or hear our songs on the link below (click on the logo) :