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Re-released to celebrate Juve's 22nd birthday. All links updated. All downloads 100% working.

  Im a fan of the movie Dune (1984) from Frank Herberts book. I also love electronic music, its quite a fascinating hobby. After buying the DVD edition of Dune, I had this ideia, a musical tribute to the movie.

  Unfortunatly, real life (tm) got in the way. So there were lots of delays. This project should have been completed over a month ago, but I kept on getting busy with other stuff...

  Enter my friend Juventud Guerrera, who is 1/4 of the our group, PJ:S.o.L. After making him a fan of Dune, we started working. And we sure worked hard, for a little over two weeks. And this is the result.

  Hope you like the songs, wich we enjoyed doing. - Shiryu

  Special thanks & dedications to:

Norritt, Raziel, David Lynch, Kyle McLachlan, Sting & Frank Herbert.