Shiryu presents:

An alternative electronic soundtrack for Nintendo Wii's Excite Truck.


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- Nintendo Wii console.

- Excite Truck game.

- SD Card.

- Some patience.

- Download the MP3.

- Send the MP3 to the SD Card.

- Place the SD Card on the Wii and start Excite Truck.

- At the start of each racetrack, press the  "+"button to access the sound options, choose "SD Card" and select the song matching the racetrack. You will only need to do this operation once, the game will save your preference of song from that point onwards.

5º - Do the race and have fun!







Name: Electro Trucking

Size: 8.399 KB

Time: 5m 58s

...from Dance-Industries!
#2 Name: Mexico Xtreme

Size: 8.922 KB

Time: 6m 20s

...from Dance-Industries!
#3 Name: Absolute Fiji

Size: 9.243 KB

Time: 6m 34a

...from Dance-Industries!
#4 Name: Canada Overdrive

Size: 8.881 KB

Time: 6m 18s Dance-Industries!
#5 Nome: Scotland Unlimited

Tamanho: 9.243 KB

Duração: 6m 34s

...from Dance-Industries!
#6 Name: Scorchin' Finland

Size: 9.364 KB

Time: 6m 39s

...from Dance-Industries!
#7 Name: China Overflow

Size: 9.484 KB

Time: 6m 44s Dance-Industries!
#8 Name: Hyper Nebula

Size: 11.895 KB

Time: 8:27 Dance-Industries!




Intro: Electro Trucking


Mexico Xtreme  Absolute Fiji Canada Overdrive
Scotland Unlimited Scorchin' Finland China Overflow

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Hyper Nebula


CD cover:

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Released on  September 14, 2007


This day in Nintendo:

 - Over 15 minutes of music were lost forever due to software failures while making the CD.

- Developed on a Celeron-1800 with only 256  RAM.

- During development, I had no active Internet connection. It was all made with things I had on my local HD.

- The CD took about 2 weeks to complete, with an average of 1 song for every 2 days, with 2 to 5 hours of daily work.

 - Super Paper Mario has finnaly arrived to the european Wii, 6 months after it was released in the USA. Better late then never.

 - While uploading all of necessary  files to make this website, I was playing Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition to pass the time.

- European Virtual Console releases:

   - Mario's Super Picross JP (SNES)

   - Super Mario Bros 2: The Lost Levels JP (NES)

   - Neutopia 2 (PC Engine)

   For the first time ever, japanese only released games on the european VC!



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