The Dune Tribute - The Second Prophecy

The Fremen are raving!
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   Back in 2002, I bought my very first DVD movie. Dune, a movie I watched and loved as a kid. In that very same year, I made with a friend (Hernandez) "The Dune Tribute", a musical tribute that we got so carried away doing it, we ended up having to split into 2 CDs.

   6 years have passed. Much has changed in my life, but my will to make music remains. "Return ][ Arrakis" is the musical result of +6 years of music making experience with new software added on to the mix.

   Today is October the 16th, 2008. Today I turn 30 years old. This is my gift to all of you. This is my legacy.
Shiryu aka Gonçalo Lopes

  Name: A Secret Report  [ Download ]

  Intro track to Return ][ Arrakis.

Style: Ambient   Time: 3:24   Size: 4.887KB

  Name: Return 2 Arrakis  [ Download ]

  6 years later, Shiryu returns to Arrakis.

Style: Trance   Time: 5:27   Size: 7.857KB

  Name: Return 2 IX  [ Download ]

  The return to IX.

Style:: Trance   Time:: 4:11   Size:: 6.046KB

  Name: Mind In Motion  Download ]

  Mentats theme, the human computers.

Style: Trance   Time: 5:42   Size: 8.229KB

  Name: Sleeper Must Awaken   [ Download ]

  Duke Leto Atreides theme.

Style:: Ambiente   Time:: 5:07   Size:: 7.376KB

  Name: Vladimir The Baron   [ Download ]

  Baron Vladimir Harkonnen theme.

Style: Trance   Time: 4:44   Size:: 6.836KB

  Name: Voice From The Outerworld  [ Download ]

  The Fremen propechy theme.

Style:: Trance   Time:: 5:25   Size: 7.808KB

  Name: Water Is Life  Download ]

  Water theme.

Style: Ambient   Time: 5:47   Size:: 8.335KB

  Name: Liet Kynes Download ]

  Dr Kynes / Liet theme.

Style: Trance   Time: 6:01   Size: 8.664KB

  Name: Wormsign  Download ]

  Arraken Sandworms theme.

Style: Trance   Time: 5:42   Size: 8.229KB

  Name: Spice  Download ]

  Spice Melange theme.

Style: Trance   Time: 4:34   Size: 6.590KB

  Name: Fremen  Download ]

  Arrakis natives theme, the Fremen.

Style: Ambient   Time: 2:50   Size: 4.097KB

  Nome: Muad'Dib  Download ]

  Muad'Dib's theme.

Style: Tribal Trance   Time: 5:13   Size: 7.530KB

  Name: Prana-Bindu (Wierding Way)  Download ]

  Prana-Bindu martial art theme.

Style: Trance   Time: 3:52   Size: 5.575KB

  Name: Sleeper Has Awaken  Download ]

  Paul's theme.

Style: Trance   Time: 6:30   Size: 9.381KB

  Name: Shake The Universe  Download ]

  Outro track of Return ][ Arrakis.

Style: House   Time: 3:08   Size: 4.517KB


Dedicated to:
- All my friends, family and co-workers.
- The women of my life, that (ironcly) care nothing about my music.
- Astral Projection, hoping Lior and Avi release Open Society without any more troubles.
- The entire cast & crew of both David Lynch's Dune movie and both Sci-Fi Network Dune miniseries.
- Every Dune fan out there. "Shake the DUNivErse!"
In loving memory of Frank Herbert

- Secretly began in August 25th, 2008.
- Secretly completed on September 28th, 2008.
- "Teaser site" revealed  in October 1st 2008.
- "Leaked" on October 2nd 2008 into Dance Industries. Hiding in plain sight. :-)
- Revealed and released for free on the Internet on October 16th, 2008.
- 16 original tracks.
MP3 files  @ 192kbps CBR.
- 1 Hour 17 Minutes 37 Seconds of audio.
- Made with Magix Music Maker 14, Fruity Loops 5 and Audacity.