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    "Tron" premiered in 1982. I was 4 back then. Only saw the movie on VHS a few years later. It was such an inspiring, visionary movie that even without me realizing, it had a huge influence I my life. I have always carried with me the passion for music and videogames wherever life took me. Today I am 31. 9 months from the release of this album, the sequel "Tron Legacy" will premiere in theathers worldwide. I could have either go into a coma and wake up then or make a tribute music album to ease the waiting. Since you're here, reading this, I obviously decided on the later. This 16 track free tribute album is the result of the past months of my (ever so short) free time and about the same time that took Disney to make a sequel (28 years) of experimentation with electronic music making software (and hardware nowadays, too!). I hope you enjoy this album as much as I had fun making it. It's part of the legacy (ah!) I wish to leave behind when I'm gone. See you on the Gamegrid! - Shiryu

- 16 tracks (12 originals + 4 remixes).
- Daft Punk's Tron Legacy theme remixes.
- Album Lenght: 1  hour 16 minutes 28 seconds.
- Album Zip file size: 108.641 kbs (106 MB).
- Album Zip file includes 10 character posters, double CD cover and track art.
Track: 01
Name: Login & Rezz Sequence
Lenght: 4:18
Style: Electro
Filesize: 6.055kb
Track: 02
Name: Sark Attack
Lenght: 4:17
Style: Electro / Dance
Filesize: 6.030kb
Track: 03
Name: Clu Raid
Lenght: 4:49
Style: Electro / Big Beat
Filesize: 6.798kb
Track: 04
Name: Alan Locked Out
Lenght: 5:03
Style: Electro
Filesize: 7.113kb
Track: 05
Name: Flynn's Arcade
Lenght: 6:23
Style: Trance
Filesize: 8.991kb
Track: 06
Name: Gamegrid
Lenght: 6:24
Style: Ambient / Chillout / Electro
Filesize: 9.003kb
Track: 07
Name: De-Rezzolution
Lenght: 7:16
Style: Electro / Dance
Filesize: 10.241kb
Track: 08
Name: Lightcycle Riders
Lenght: 6:48
Style: Electro / Trance / Dance
Filesize: 9.566kb
Track: 09
Name: The Conscripts Run
Lenght: 5:22
Style: Ambient / Chillout / Electro
Filesize: 7.561kb
Track: 10
Name: Alan's Kid
Lenght: 4:25
Style: Electro / Chillout
Filesize: 6.213kb
Track: 11
Name: TRONic (Upgrade v2.0 Stable)
Lenght: 8:18
Style: Dance / Electro
Filesize: 11.674kb
Track: 12
Name: Tron Legacy (Shiryu Remix)
Lenght: 2:24
Style: Techno / Electro
Filesize: 3.380kb
Track: 13
Name: Space Paranoids Highscore Table
Lenght: 2:14
Style: House
Filesize: 3.157kb
Track: 14
Name: The secret Tron Bonus Track
Lenght: 2:01
Style: Chiptune
Filesize: 2.851kb
Track: 15
Name: Flynn Lives!
Lenght: 4:16
Style: Electro / Dance
Filesize: 6.011kb
Track: 16
Name: 8-Bit Tron Legacy (Shiryu Remix)
Lenght: 2:10
Style: Chiptune
Filesize: 3.066kb

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Who Will You Fight For?(Release Date Reveal Poster)
Who Will You Fight For? (CD Cover Art  Reveal Poster)
Executed (CD Released)

Video Teasers:
Teaser #001 - "Made With Notepad"
Teaser #002 - "Centauri Have Cool Hair"
Teaser #003 - "Leave It On, Sark"
Teaser #004 - "Hack By Bit"
Teaser #005 - "The Popcorn Situation"
Teaser #006 - "OMG THE BASS!"
"Tron Rezzolutions" Official Release Trailer
    I wish to dedicate this album to the following people:

- That girl I adore (she likes Disney but not Tron. It's OK, I'm not perfect either...)
- My parents and the rest of my family.
- My friends, even if most don't really like electronic music or know what Tron is.
- My co-workers that have been seeing me arrive at work zombiefied but ask no questions.
- Disney for taking such a huge risk back in 1982 in making the original movie.
- The cast and crew of Tron, namely Bruce Boxleitner, Jeff "The Dude" Bridges and director Steve Lisberger.
- Wendy Carlos for her stunning synthetiser based OST.
- The cast and crew of Tron Legacy with special note to first-time director Joseph Kosinski.
- Daft Punk, always a reference.
- Everyone at Monolith that worked on the Tron 2.0 videogame.
- All the staff at Game Over.
- Everyone at Dance-Industries.
- Everyone that makes Videogames Live a reality. Jack and Tommy, really nice people.
- Everyone that keeps listening to my music and wandering if I am crazy for giving them away for free.
- Everyone of the following who like the following: Videogames, Tron and/or Electronic Music.
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