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   "The WipeOut Legacy" is a musical tribute to the WipeOut game series that began all the way back in 1996, when the british developer Psygnosis launched WipeOut for the Sony Playstation, at the time just named PSX, know today as PS1. WipeOut was my 5th PSX game. It has influenced my taste in music in such a way that I decided to start making electronic music, hoping that one day my own stuff started souding a bit like Tim Wright's (CoLD SToRaGe) tracks, as well as the many other groups that provided up to this day songs for the games.

   This tribute is the end result of about 12 years of musical adventures, where I constantly try to learn and improve my sound more. I fully dedicate it to Psygnosis, Tim Wright, The Designers Republic,  every band that provided songs for the WipeOut series, all of my friends and, of course, each and everyone one out there that are part of the "WipeOut Generation". Spread the word and play this loud!

   After extensive tests, I have reached the following conclusions::

   - The songs will bug and annoy both your family and neighbours. Extra annoying at the workplace.
   - The songs fit nicely as custom soundtracks in many games, such as WipeOut Pure, WipeOut Pulse and WipeOut HD.
   - Be advised to keep the bass at minimum... and avoid using phones!

   In conclusion, I wish that your turbos be used in straights, that your rockets always hit the target, that you never run out of energy mid-race and that Sony get's WipeOut HD released.
Shiryu aka Gonšalo Lopes

  Name: W1P30UT  Download ]

  The WipeOut Legacy intro theme.

Style: Trance   Time: 6:27   Size: 6.055KB

  Name: FEISAR Laser  [ Download ]

  Federal European Industry And Research team theme.

Style: Trance   Time: 3:49   Size: 5.385KB

  Name: AG Syndrome  [ Download ]

  Anti Gravity Systems Japanese team theme.

Style: Trance   Time: 5:03   Size: 7.113KB

  Name: Auricommunication  Download ]

  Auricom American team theme.

Style: Trance   Time: 5:25   Size: 7.669KB

  Name: Qirex Complex   [ Download ]

  Qirex Russian team theme.

Style: Trance  Time: 4:24   Size: 6.189KB

  Name: Autopilot   [ Download ]

  Autopilot Engaged!

Style: Trance   Time: 3:25   Size: 4.823KB

  Name: Roockit  [ Download ]

  Rocket weapon theme.

Style: Trance   Time: 3:05   Size: 4.354KB

  Nome: Checkpoint   Download ]

  Time Extended!

Style: Trance   Time: 6:27   Size: 6.055KB

  Name: Terramaximus Download ]

  Terramax track theme.

Style: Trance   Time: 2:53   Size: 4.060KB

  Name: Silver Streamer  Download ]

  Silver Stream track theme.

Style: Trance   Time: 4:05   Size: 5.762KB

  Name: Martian Firestar  Download ]

  Firestar martian track theme.

Style: Trance   Time: 4:03   Size: 5.717KB

  Name: Reaching 4 Talon's  Download ]

  Talon's Reach track theme.

Style: Trance   Time: 3:58   Size: 5.582KB

  Name: Gare D'Euroland  Download ]

  Gare D'Europa track theme.

Style: Trance   Time: 4:36   Size: 6.482KB

  Name: HoT SToRaGe  Download ]

  Cold Storage aka Tim Wright tribute theme.

Style: Trance   Time: 4:38   Size: 6.531KB

  Name: Love Your DR  Download ]

  The Designers Republic tribute theme.

Style: Trance   Time: 4:04   Size: 5.739KB

  Name: Speed & Lights  Download ]

  The WipeOut Legacy outro theme.

Style: Trance   Time: 3:11   Size: 4.490KB



- Secretly began in August 16th, 2008.
- Secretly complete in August 24th, 2008.
- Revealed and released for free on the Internet in September 8th, 2008.
- 16 original tracks.
MP3 files  @ 192kbps CBR.
- 1 Hour 08 Minutes 50 Seconds of audio.
- Made with Magix Music Maker 14, Fruity Loops 5 and Audacity.